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Sign Stands Are Very Strict, Do Not Believe You See

Some Simple Understanding of the Manufacturing Process of Road Sign Stands

In strict accordance with the requirements of the document to take the information, all the capital must be accompanied by proof of raw materials. In strict accordance with the documents and GB GB6868-99 standard specifications to manufacture. Marking layout, marking plate manufacturing must be in strict accordance with the requirements, characters, picture colors must be designed according to the standard, we do not need to design very fancy, the text does not need too much, the content must be concise, simple and clear.

The aluminum plate according to the scale and skills needs to be cut, need to bend the edge of the bending machine bending; then according to the drawings, with aluminum rivets riveting, and then wash with the fingers to wash the aluminum plate; the final aluminum produced by the file requirements, With the mucosa machine to the base film attached to the aluminum plate, and then press the file requirements of the word, the map will be used to carry the paper on the basement film, will be good hibiscus reflective film logo packaging classification stored in a dry room.

Stabilize the bracket to install the road Sign Stands. The sliding bolts penetrate through the chute in the ribs and secure the marking plate to the pillars via the hoop. After the marking plate device is completed, the flatness adjustment and the viewpoint adjustment should be carried out. After the marking device is finished, it should be cleaned by the board, and during the cleaning process, do not damage the mark surface or damage other patterns and characters.

Above is my factory on the traffic Sign Stands produced some simple understanding, of course, there are many deficiencies in the place or even not perfect place, hope to give advice and advice. At the same time, we should also have to understand such Sign Stands, understand their production process, understand their placement steps, so you can learn more about its role and function, which for us is also a personal The meaning of things.