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The Sign Stands Is The City's Public Facilities

Sign Stands are mainly used for public places, which include business premises, road traffic, corporate organizations and so on.

The city's Sign Stands is the city's public facilities, and if there is no perfect identification system, it is quite a unified planning of the city. In such a city to find the address, will be unable to find. The city's planning and construction, signage, logo logo is the most basic facilities, he embodies a symbol of urban planning, but also out of the city into the modernization process. We can be so conclusive, the city's logo, sign design and set up, is a measure of urban standardization procedures.

Outside the logo production than the floor logo logo production is not easy to grasp. In the city details of the degree of importance should be more. To say that he is complicated, because it is not just the cause of the environment, the environment of the construction division, is the outdoor signs of the theme of thinking. In the environment, Sign Stands and sculptures have similar ability, outside the signboard, after the completion of the external installation, it will communicate with the original environment, you can change the original environment, will also increase the original visual environment. A city must have a good plan to complete the logo system is not only conducive to tourists, the local residents will be helpful. Can effectively regulate the city recommendations. Identification of Sign Stands is not just a recognition system, but also to show a level of progress, and people's lives are closely related.

With local characteristics, the appearance and function of the combination of Sign Stands, is the beautiful scenery of modern cities, and now developed countries in the environment to create a city logo design has been used as an important indicator of the design process. City sign is the first to serve the public, he is not furnishings, it requires more emotional perception and other principles designed to meet the needs of tourists. Most of the signage cards are read in the case of quick driving, and some are for pedestrians to stop and read carefully. Sign Stands as a recognition system in the building group, the identification of the identification card is in a certain dynamic, from far and near, plus his strong function, sign the sign of the volume and scale is very important, especially in the Sign Stands And the proportion of viewers, the human body engineering should be appropriate to dissolve in the production of signs. City signs have not only identify the direction, identify the identification of basic equipment signs, and basically reflect the characteristics of a city characteristics. Now the vast majority of the signs produced in the domestic form are simple and do not form a system, and the current road development is very uncoordinated. A large part of the road signs in the production process only consider the functional needs, but completely ignored the impact of the logo on the environment. Most parts of the logo system will be a problem.