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What Are The Shapes Of Traffic Sign Stands?

How many shapes do traffic Sign Stands on the road? Road Sign Stands play a very important role in our trip, they are silent road commanders, convey the information of the road.

On the road we see a variety of traffic Sign Stands and road Sign Stands, their shape is pay attention to, not indiscriminate use, according to the shape of the specific points, mainly in the following categories:

Equilateral triangle, round, inverted side triangle, octagonal, fork, square, positive equilateral triangle: used for warning Sign Stands;

Round: used to prohibit and indicate Sign Stands;

Inverted side of the triangle: for "slow down to allow" Sign Stands;

Octagonal: used for "stop to line" forbidden Sign Stands;

Forks: for the "crossroads crossing the railway" warning Sign Stands;

In addition to the individual Sign Stands, the color of the logo border is the same as the color of the graphic or character of the logo, except for the sign, the sign, the sign, the sign, the sign, the sign, The color of the marking lining should be consistent with the logo background.

Traffic Sign Stands design is very particular about, to customize the good Sign Stands suggest that you look for the formal manufacturers, Shanghai will be along the traffic facilities Limited 13 years focused on the transport facilities industry, is your choice.