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What Is A Advertising Flags Ad?

Banner is the most common form of online Advertising Flags, the Internet is the most traditional forms of Advertising Flags, its image characteristics have long been popular. Banner is usually placed at the top of the page, the first to greet the eyes of the network visitors, creative fantastic banner for the establishment and promotion of customer brand image has a role can not be underestimated.

At the beginning of the Internet era, Advertising Flags was one of the main ways of online marketing. At that time there was not much high quality site. To search for sites with good features and content, visitors are actively clicking on banner ads. Today, the situation is completely different. The proliferation of Advertising Flags makes us have to turn a blind eye to it. Except as a matter of special circumstances, visitors try not to click on banner ads. Does all these mean that the banner is on the verge of extinction? In fact, not so fast. Although banner traffic is relatively low compared to the past, banner ads based on your goals can still be very effective. Today's banner ads are either used for brand recognition or are used to bring more traffic to the site, resulting in more sales. Brand recognition As a full-fledged awareness activity, companies place banner ads on specific sites.

Although there are many advertising industry advocates website advertising to go beyond the "banner" form, but because people now in the form of Advertising Flags has invested a lot of money, and can attract a large audience, so the Advertising Flags The basic form of Internet Advertising Flags can not be replaced by other forms of advertising in a short period of time. Although the current banner (which can be said that the entire online advertising) is still in the development stage, its Advertising Flags revenue is far less than the traditional printing and television advertising, but because of online advertising easy to track orientation and other characteristics, its growth rate in recent years Is very amazing. In addition to the general characteristics of the online advertising described above, the banner ads have the following salient features:

(1) orientability.

Banner ads (including all other online ad formats) are fully directional. It can be targeted by the specific company, code, location, country, etc., and can be targeted by time, computer platform, or browser type.

(2) traceability.

Market operators can understand the customer's view of their brand, you can understand which products are more interested. With Banner (and other online advertising), we can not only test the audience's response to Advertising Flags, but also accurately measure the audience's interest in the product.

(3) convenient and flexible operability.

You can operate your banner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that it can meet the audience all over the world. And you can publish, update, or cancel any banner at any time. All advertisers are able to understand the performance of their ads in the shortest possible time in the first week of the ad distribution and decide on different advertising strategies. However, in other traditional forms of Advertising Flags, you can not have such an intuitive and efficient operation.